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Industry Corner: 2013 Roasters Guild Retreat Event Recap

September 2013

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The 13th Annual Roasters Guild Retreat

                        Hello everyone! My name is Chris Wade and I work at the Portland office in the Green Coffee Department at Farmer Brothers. I’ve been with the company for over 10 years and in the specialty coffee industry for 15 years. I am currently Chair of the Roasters Guild (part of the Specialty Coffee Association of America), an elected position chosen by our industry peers. It is a great honor to serve my colleagues and company in this capacity. Farmer Brothers has given me a great deal of support, and I am happy to bring extra value to our company as a whole.     2013 Roasters Guild Retreat Event Recap   The Retreat is the largest coffee-roasting event of its kind in the world. Held annually, it’s a training event that brings in people from around the world focusing on the craft...
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